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Bullock Cart Ride

Bullock Cart Ride Thekkadyinfo.com

Bullock cart discoveries

The package called ‘Bullock Cart Discoveries’ includes a visit to the farmlands of a village in the valleys beyond the Periyar Tiger Reserve in a bullock cart. An optional coracle ride on the lake is also provided in the package. A guide will accompany you in this visit to the farmlands.

Such a visit provides insight into traditional ways of farming and the culture and lifestyle of the people there. At the village, there are vineyards, fields with diverse agricultural crops such as mangoes, tamarind, onions etc as well as flowers like the sunflower, the jasmine and so on. The journey also offers a glimpse into the rich avian fauna of the region.

Things to do in Bullock Cart Ride
Bullock Cart Ride

Start Time: 9 am
End Time: 3 pm